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1996 Large Leaf


1996 Large Leaf

Puh_ERH-5-2  1996.jpg
Puh_ERH-5-2  1996.jpg

1996 Large Leaf

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“Large Leaf from Old Trees, this tea originates from the Yunnan Province in China. The leaves of this tea grow in the wild, on ancient trees, some rumored to be around 1700 years old! These trees are wild, so tea pluckers must forage for the leaves. This Large Leaf from Old Tree's Pu-erh tea has a wonderful mineral taste with an earthy aroma. Large Leaf is low in caffeine and easy to brew.

Staff tasting impressions:  Has notes subtle tobacco and roasted barley, sweet and creamy finish, and a good amount ofearthy, mineral cave aroma. 

Brewing instructions:   2 teaspoons per 12 oz pot, boiling water.  Steep a long time to allow the leaves to open, and will take a minimum of 3 pots to maximize the flavors!

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