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Hugo's Breakfast Tea


Hugo's Breakfast Tea

1 golden bi luo 2245.jpg
1 golden bi luo 2245.jpg

Hugo's Breakfast Tea

from 60.00

Or Golden Bi Luo Chun, Jiangsu Province.  Bi Luo Chun is usually a green tea, but our grower decided to process this into black tea with many young leaf buds, which turn gold rather than black.  The name translates to Green Snail Spring, referring to the shape of the twisted and curled leaf, like a snail or spring. We chose this as our Breakfast Tea for its lightly smoky honey suckle flavor that’s great with or without milk.   

Staff tasting impressions: Sweet honeysuckle, musky, pecan, white pepper, dried currants, malty, and a dash of smokiness. Great with or without milk.


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