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When we get together to evaluate, taste and ultimately decide which teas to serve (of the many hundreds sampled each year), our goal is to let our inner poets come out.  The “official tasters” are composed of our tea buyer with over 30 years experience, several staff members with a dozen years, as well as those who are brand new to Hugo’s.  In order to truly know what a tea has to offer, we first look at, smell and feel the dried leaves.  Next we warm up a teapot, put the leaves in and smell the slightly moist and heated leaves.  After brewing, we observe the color, the aroma and finally taste the “liquor” of the tea.  Several steepings are sampled.  A really fine tea blossoms through many steepings, usually the second or third being the best.

In every step, whatever comes to mind is noted, there is no right or wrong.  Sometimes the impressions are literal and other times distant childhood memories come up.  An oolong might have a mineral-y nose, but the memory is of the smell of
sprinklers hitting a hot sidewalk as a child. So, we include both for your assistance and amusement. 
The impressions will give you an idea of the full experience of the tea. 



We love hearing from you.
Enjoy and please feel free to tell us your own impressions. 
Email us at: