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Jin Jun Mei

Black Tea

Jin Jun Mei

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1 jin jun mei 2225.jpg

Jin Jun Mei

from 40.00

Fujian Province.  Up to 50,000 handpicked, twisted and withered leaves and leaf buds per pound!  Grown at a high altitude in the Wuyi Mountains, a UNESCO world Heritage Site, you can taste the pristine terroir.  This very rare tea is one of the bestblack teas we’ve EVER had. 

Staff tasting impressions:   Apricot, lychee, clove, pistachio, rosewater, driftwood, “reminds me of drinking dark bittersweet hot chocolate”.

Brewing instructions:  One teaspoon per 12 oz.  Use boiling water and let steep for 90 seconds.  Strain and serve.

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